Harz into LGB since November 1997


Parallel to the construction of the H0-installation "Thuringia" arise between spring and autumn 1997 a 380 sqare meter model of the three meter track mountain railways in the Harz, the northern highlands of Germany. As a longtime touring railways enjoyed the Selketal, the Harzquer- and the Brocken train always the greatest attention. Fascinated by ist peculiar romance, CEO Stiegler wanted them like a model monument set. Since it was obviously impossible, to according to shape the three resin tracks in full lengths, he was limited to ist essential and typical scenarios.


These include the stations of Nordhausen-Nord, Wernigerode-Westerntor, Eifselder Talmüle, Hasselfelde, the Brocken train with Drei Annen Hohne, Schierke and the so-called spiral Brocken, not least the station Alexisbad with the famous double exit of two steam trains to Harzgerode and Stiege.

Since the station Nordhausen space, was an entire street with all the buildings faithfully reproduced. Even an old streetcar turns unshrinking their laps. But connoisseurs of Wernigerode, the colorful city on the Harz, come at their expense: with the narrow gauge railway station Westerntor was not only the heart of Harzquerbahn in the model, because the Weterntor junction with the medieval gate, the pharmacy and the famous "Eselskrug" the guest can admire. Of course, the operation on the 374 meter track model with 81 switches is much more intense, than the original, because the guest wants exciting operationg experience.
The highlight is, when a train come in Alexisbad and shortly thereafter two other trains whistling, breath hard and ring leave the station at the same time. Other visitors will find it interesting to watch the trains when they are high work laboriously to the summit of the Brocken.
Overall, 19 locomotives and railcars are in use. With the two tram lines in Nordhausen, the old trolley and a rail car cleaning place 25 automaticallly controlled train and insted of shunting take place simultaneously. 24 passenger 27 wagons and 5 vans guarantee that will not get bored.


Length:                               36,84 m
Width:                                   9,50 m
Total:                                 349,98 qm
Track length:                   374,00 m
Turnout:                              81
Locomotives:                     19
Passenger:                          24
Railcar:                                  2
Track laying machine:       1
Broadleaves:              20.000
Draisine:                               1
Tram trains:                         2
Wagons:                              27
Van:                                        5



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