LGB-installation "USA from East to West" since January 2001

In the model railway show there is a very spezial highlight in hall F: USA from East to West. The footprint of this facility occupies the entire hall F, which haf a length of 65 meters, a width of 25 meters and an area of 1,625 square meters. As the garden size train scale 1:22,5 elected, since the construction of the Brockenbahn initial views were impressive, as the vehicles of the Nuremberg firm LGB in view of the chosen topiy may be considered.     
Since the model landscape is in some places a height of up to 7 meters, vehicles must be clearly visible before such a huge backdrop still and especially the enormous differences in elevation cope, that thes land once owned are now. In the range of LGB is everything, that a US-installation needs: From the old, magnificent Moghul-Schlepptenderlok of the rail company "Denver & Rio Grande Railroad" to the joint macinery of the "Uintah Railway".

The guest can admire the skyscrapers of New York, the Statue of Lieberty, the Empire State Building and other landmarks. To create the eventful, magnificent landscapes of North America with its railways, the substructure of the installation was made of ytong-stones, whereby the respective terrain topography, the mountains, the gorges and the loops of the railway lines were considered equal. The guest can go in the mysterious interior of the Rocky's and go in the interior of an old gold mine or discover so one or other spiders on the walls. But beware! Unexpectedly, one could encounter a cave or grizzly bar, which growl to protect their cub. While the men have this kind of advenutre, the women can see an exhibiton of precious and semiprecious stones of this world at the foot of the mountains. Course there is a real log cabin, in which are exhibited elaborate paintings with Indian motifs.



On a spezial, independently-operated railway in the northwest edge of the U.S. installation fans of garden and track trace can provide ist self-discharge models and enjoy traveling on their proteges in the world of North Americs's mountain. The US-installation in Wiehe thrilled not only with their size, but also to remind the American history. In the corner of hall F major events of American history like the moon landing or even the discovery of America by Columbus in Dioramen are displayed.



 The Emergence

Beginngin of the year 2001 we began to build the foundations for the huge installation. Since some mountains should be 4 meters high, the foundation walls were bricks from ytong-stones. Some single-family houses can be built with the quantity of stones.

Phase November 2001
Phase December 2001
Phase November 2003


Am Anger 19
06571 Roßleben-Wiehe

Montag - Sonntag
10:00 - 17:00 Uhr

BarrierefreiheitMontag - Sonntag
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