The world's biggest TT-installation since January 2001 - The Emergence


The TT model size, in the old Federal Republic almost unknown, has in the new states tradition. Numerous modelrailroader remained faithful to her until today and thus provided a safe base for the continuation of pdroduction. With the Tillig company was a company found, that continued the production of the company "Berliner TT-Bahnen", once the private company Zeuke, in Saxon Sebnitz. The Tillig have always been reliable suppliers of the H0-track, switches and bedding for the Thuringia installation in Hall A. And the management of the firm, as well as many visitors to the model railway Wiehe confirmed the intention to devote the "Ost-Baugröße" TT a huge model railway. Since it is in the Sebnitz an excellent TT model of the high-speed ICE train was, the idea came with the construction of the ICE route "Hamburg - Würzburg" in TT.

The ICE line connects Würzburg with Hannover. The plans were expanded to include Hamburg, in order to build the world's largest TT installation at the same time to the former project Maglev Transrapid to remember, that should arise between Hamburg and Berlin. Already during the construction many visitors asked, which company delivered the excellent lines, the course and the super-longe, fast ICE trains, that hunted on the new routes for trial. If the guests then got to hear, that the elegant models come from the Saxon Sebnitz near Dresden, then a questioner confessed, that he had not expected.

Today who enters the gigant Hall D, initially surprised about the enormous scale of the TT installation. The size looks like you had a piece of railway land to the digging out from the natural crystal. The L-shaped facility is an area of 280 square meters. Since ist establishment by the sides and without superstructures had done, has an average width of 3.50 meters elected. The relatively small amount from 35 to 60 centimeters was the resolt of the exposure, to make visible, what is happening at the instllation for children and disabled people. The substructure consists of a system of drywall profiles made from galvanized steel, that were bolted on the floor and revealed a solid construction.

This basic structure has been clad with plasterboard. On the surface of the installation only happened to those bodies, where large areas were necessary. The regions, which upon completion of the landscape, the Frankish and the Hessian hills should provide, received a deck made of wire mesh, foam and tile adhesive mortar, to show the varied terrains. The railway lines were cut from joinery boards, plywood an particleboard. The model lines are - like the original - exactly in the north-south direction. The southern conclusion form the lines of the main railway Würzburg. In the north follow Fulda, Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Göttingen, Hanover and Hamburg. Also mesh was designed at the yard.

The routing is excited by generous elegance with wide bridges, arches and curved track. Also, the addition of the ICE path is "old lines" were taken into. For fully automatic operation, the company Viessmann produced spezial circuit boards according to proposals from Wiehe. The components allow a variety of operation. After all, each ICE consists next to the two heads of 10 middle wagons, so that there is even a striking picture of course this respectable length, when the trains meet each other at full speed on open track.


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